July 20, 2016

7 Day Cambodia I Like Gun Tour

Gidday,nice to have you drop by

Well the I Like Guns Tour of Cambodia has been a pretty big part of my life for the last few years and the main reason being is that I have been fighting the NSW Firearms registry to get all my Australian gun Licences back. This has been a long and frustrating fight in which I have won several times but the FAR just keeps saying I cant have my licences back and have even appealed a legal decision made ordering them to give them back to me. I have fought the appeal and am now waiting for the final decision…..again. Anyway, more on that when I finally beat this unfair system. So the reason why I have been going overseas hunting, and shooting in Cambodia is because I cant shoot here at home. The gun laws have really been bad for legal gun owners.

Anyway, enough of my troubles, back to the Cambodia trip….. We have had many inquiring asking about going on the tour but some people cant afford the cost, the time off or just cant or don’t want to ride dirt bikes. So we have come up with a plan that we will try in November. The plan is to offer people a 7 day tour of shooting ranges and the main sights of Cambodia ( Killing Fields and Angkor wat). The other option is to come just on the bike tour or alternatively come on both which is the regular tour.  The prices are on the flyer below and you can contact Jarod on the provided number or email jarod@ilikeguns.com.au

I have also attached a few videos from the last tour and I will hopefully get a few more up on my channel in the next few weeks and months. I have plenty of footage from previous trips that I need to sit down and edit but my you tube channel tends to get in the way of me living my life and always having to film everything I do gets pretty wearing after a while. Even so, I will get some footage up as I do enjoy reading peoples comments and like to entertain if possible.

Thanks again for taking an interest and stopping by, if you haven’t bought one or both of my CD’s yet drop into the shop or visit itunes and get yourself a copy.

Keep shooting and try hard to keep your licence


May 2, 2016

Now is your chance to go on the adventure trip of a lifetime


Hey There Gun Lovers

I just got back from an unexpected tour of Cambodia with a bunch of great guys from Melbourne. They wanted to come on the tour but couldn’t come in either June or November so I decided to take them in April. It was HOT!!! June will be much cooler but we still had a great time. We had a few injuries but nothing to call the undertaker about which is always a bonus. We had a few huts built, then the guys blew them up with RPGs, Shot heaps of machine guns and saw plenty of random stuff on the dirt bike jungle trip that just makes you shake your head in disbelief. One event was when I went to show the guys a storage hunt at one of the temples that is full of RPGs, hand grenades, ammo and other ordinance. When I walked over to have a look a saw a small child peeping out from a crack in the wall only to discover that the child and her mother had moved into the hunt and place a hammock and all there belongings on the shelves. The random thing was that they hadn’t moved any of the hundreds of explosives and just simple move in on top of everything. That’s Cambodia for you.

I have added a few videos from one of the previous trips. Marchy is always good value and he will be coming on the June trip and knowing how much he loves guns, dirt bikes, adventure and Cambodia,i’m pretty sure he will also come in November. We already have 7 people booked in for the June trip and we also have a film crew tagging along to do a doco on myself and the trip. The film crew is from the Vice Media group so if your keen to get your mug on some hit youtube videos june would be prefect for you. We still have a few vacancies but get in quick, its not far away.

Cambodia is quickly changing and becoming more and more ” civilised” so im not sure how much longer we will be doing the trips. This could well be our last year. The ammo is running out and getting harder and harder to find. The price also seems to be going up so get in while its still there.

Anyway, keep smiling, keep shooting and stay positive……….nothing is as bad as it seems.



January 5, 2016

2016 The year of all things Good.

Hey There

2015 has been an interesting and eventful year. After fighting the NSW Firearms registry for my shooters licences for 2 and a half years, through court and then through a tribunal, i finally won the “privilege” to have them back in early December. The firearms registry decided to email me an early Christmas present in the form of an appeal to the decision, so I am now continuing the good fight and hope to have it all sorted out in the next few months.

Other than that, I have been hunting in the States, Canada and have had a few great “I Like Guns” tours to Cambodia. The last tour we had 14 adventure seekers come along including a journalist and a photographer from Penthouse Magazine. I originally had concerns about being in a pornographic mag as I’m opposed to that type of thing because of my Christian beliefs and simply because i dont think it’s all that beneficial,  but as the manager of the Machine Gun Preacher pointed out to me, Jesus himself hung around with prostitutes and sinners, so I took the opportunity on the hope I could drum up a few guys who read Penthouse to come on the tour and then I could get to meet them and hang out with them.

The Tour of Cambodia went very well so we will be doing at least 2 tours this year. If you’re keen to come along, drop me an email and I’ll put you in contact with the tour organiser. I hope to get a few videos from the tour up as soon as I can find a bit of time to put them together.

Keep shooting and have a great 2016,


August 7, 2015

Cambodia I Like Guns Tour promo video – Gun and Dirt Bike tour 2015

So you made it to my web site, well done.

The next Cambodia Gun and Dirt bike tour is on in Oct/Nov so check out the video below and the last post I put up. If your keen to come along drop me an email and we’ll get the ball rolling. There are quite videos below in previous blogs as well if you want to check other trips and videos from previous tour.

Keep shootin









August 4, 2015

Your invite to the Cambodia Gun & Dirtbike Tour OCT/NOV 2015

Gidday lovers of all this Gun

I just decided to put a post on the web site and realised its been nearly a year since I last wrote something. I have been quite busy this year with a few different things, one being fighting the Firearms Registry for my licences and guns back. This is a very slow process and has now been going on for more than 2 years, one of the joys of living in a country that fears anybody (except the government) that has firearms. Anyway, I have had a few wins over the past couple of years with all the so called charges against me being dismissed in court. Even though I beat the charges in court I still have to fight the Registry to get my licences back, its painful but I am learning a lot about gun law and the Australian court system.

Anyway, the point for the post is that the “i Like guns’ tour of Cambodia is coming up again and you are all invited. Its been quite successful over the years and its great to be going again. I will put the flyer up for you to have a read and hopefully you can find the time and cash to join the crew. Its always a trip full of adventure, guns , good mates and great times.

Keep shooting


October 9, 2014

Living with the Enemy

Gidday fellow lovers of the great outdoors

For the last few months I have been waiting to exhale. The reason being, I had no idea how I would be portrayed on the TV show, “Living with the Enemy”, but last night it was all revealed. To be completely honest I didn’t know I was such a funny guy, both funny haha and a bit weird funny as well. I have watched many videos of myself on my YouTube channel but I edit them and portray myself as I think I should be seen. I realized I have been missing the good stuff because I didn’t really know I was “that guy”.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the final cut and with the overwhelming encouragement & gratitude of my family, friends, the public and the hunting/Gun community regarding the show.  I would really like to thank the producers of the show – Tim Toni & Carly Schmidt for finding me and asking me to be a part of the show. They were true to their word. Also thanks to Robert Borsak for trusting me and taking the risk, as more times than not, the media have a habit of telling the story as they want it told not as the story really is. I also thank the team and director, Dora Wheatly, Shine Australia, and SBS for putting it together and showing the public that the truth can be told. Last but not least, I want to thank Felicity and the Animal Lib Vic team, as without them putting their lettuce on the line, this story could not have been told. I feel a bit sorry for Felicity and team as I now feel even stronger that they are living a wasted life of overwhelming sadness and guilt for a world they feel compelled to change. If they all served God with such conviction, minus the judgement, at least they would gain eternal life and true happiness and ……………… iron in their diets.

So, to sum up, I really enjoyed the experience and was very happy with the outcome. Thanks again to all those who supported me during this event.

Shoot Straight, Shoot Safe, Shoot often

Steve Lee

Press link to view show

Living With The Enemy – Hunting

October 6, 2014

Living with the Enemy- SBS


About six months ago I was asked to participate in a social experiment which would be filmed for SBS. The concept is that I would live for 5 days in the world of someone opposed to hunting and then for 5 days they would come and live with me. I agreed to take part and to say the least, it was very challenging and interesting. I didn’t know who i would meet or what I would be doing but I had a fair idea it would be someone who opposed hunting as much as I believed in it. Anyway, if you want to see the out come, tune into SBS Wednesday night , 8th October at 8.30pm. If its past that date, you can watch it by pressing the link or google the show.


This link is from a newspaper story about the show.


I’m heading to Cambodia soon for the next “I Like Guns” Tour of Cambodia. There will be 9 from Australia plus the Cambodian team. I will be making a few new videos for YouTube and I am really looking forward to the trip. I have added a new stop and shooting range this year as we will stopping off in Vietnam on the way over and checking out the Cu Che tunnels range. I have been there before a few times but not in the last five years so I’m sure there will be some changes.

Life is on the up and up, I’m planning on doing a new album next year. I am trying to talk my old Family Band “The Lees” into writing the songs and making the album with me. Here’s hoping.

Stay safe and shoot straight


July 31, 2014

Next ” I Like Guns ” Tour in October 2014

Howdy to all you gun lovers & adventure seekers

If your looking for a great trip the next “I Like Guns” tour of Cambodia will be taken place in October and if you can ride a dirt bike, like guns and have a adventurous spirit then this trip is for you. Check out the video and  contact me if your interested. As always, it is going to be a great trip.

I just returned from my trip to Canada. Had a great time shooting, hunting and hanging out with some great friends. I picked up my bear skin/mount from the bear I hunted two years ago in New Brunswick. I am planning on heading back there next year for another hunt but this time I might do the hunt with a bow. I also spent a lot of time in British Columbia and went hunting and camping out in the Rocky Mountains. This was such a unbelievable experience I am making planes to head back there in february.

On the 9th & 10th of August, I’ll be performing with my band( The Six Shooters) in Tamworth at the Australian Shooting Hunting & Outdoor expo. If you can make it there, come and say Gidday and have a chat and listen to us perform many of my songs from both my albums.

Thanks for stopping by the site and hopefully I catch you round the tracks

Steve Lee

June 15, 2014

Shooting & Hunting in Canada

Gidday gun enthusiasts

I’m in Canada at the moment having a well deserved holiday. I have a few shoots to go to including a charity shoot in NB. I also have to pick up my bear skin from last years hunt and will be taking part in a marriage of a good hunting mate of mineto his young Canadian wife to be. The wedding is taking place in a hunting Camp in the remote and wild BC mountains. Whilst there I’ll also be doing a bit on hunting & fishing. I have been really looking forward to  this trip for some time.

The Shooters & Fishers Party have been promoting themselves for the next state election in March next year. This is a great opportunity to get them not one but two seats this time around. The major parties have been caught out time & time again this year with lies and corruption and we really need to be out there helping the SFP in every way we can to show the majors they need to wake up to themselves. Its great to give the SFP our vote but we need to do so much more this time around as the anti gun mantra is wearing thin with more and more people and the ongoing discrimination against law abiding gun owners really needs to be dealt with. The SFP is our best way to achieve this. Make sure you contact them and sign up to help.

In October I will be going on another ” I LIKE GUNS” tour of Cambodia. this trip is not for the faint heart but anyone with a keen sense of adventure and a love of guns and a great time is more than welcome to come along. I usually like to take 8 to 10 blokes along and we already have 6 confirmed. So if your interested, let me know soon. I will be locking the trip together in the next 4 weeks so don’t delay. Above is a recent video from the last tour and there several more on my you tube channel .

I will also be performing with the band at the ASHOE event in Tamworth on the 9th & 10 August. This is going to be a great event so put it in your calendar’s. Come up and say gidday.

Keep shooting & stay safe


May 9, 2014

Heading to Canada June/July 2014

Hey freedom seekers

I’ve had a pretty busy and challenging time over the last 6 months or so. The NSW firearms registry has decided I am not a fit person to have firearms so I have to prove I am. This is a costly and frustrating process so only time will tell the outcome.

I have also been overseas a few times and am heading to Canada for shooting, hunting and a wedding shortly.
I will make a few videos from the trip and put them up on YouTube when I return.

I also recently went on a hunting TV show for SBS which will air in September. I am hoping I make the hunting world proud but I am at the mercy of the editors. Who knows how it will come out. I will let people know more about it as it gets closer.

The next I LIKE GUNS tour is set for October so if you would like to come along, send me a message and I will get the info to you. I will start putting videos back on you tube as I put them together all the footage from the last trip.

Check out the latest video and keep shooting and be happy in all things