Heading to Canada June/July 2014

Hey freedom seekers

I’ve had a pretty busy and challenging time over the last 6 months or so. The NSW firearms registry has decided I am not a fit person to have firearms so I have to prove I am. This is a costly and frustrating process so only time will tell the outcome.

I have also been overseas a few times and am heading to Canada for shooting, hunting and a wedding shortly.
I will make a few videos from the trip and put them up on YouTube when I return.

I also recently went on a hunting TV show for SBS which will air in September. I am hoping I make the hunting world proud but I am at the mercy of the editors. Who knows how it will come out. I will let people know more about it as it gets closer.

The next I LIKE GUNS tour is set for October so if you would like to come along, send me a message and I will get the info to you. I will start putting videos back on you tube as I put them together all the footage from the last trip.

Check out the latest video and keep shooting and be happy in all things