Now is your chance to go on the adventure trip of a lifetime


Hey There Gun Lovers

I just got back from an unexpected tour of Cambodia with a bunch of great guys from Melbourne. They wanted to come on the tour but couldn’t come in either June or November so I decided to take them in April. It was HOT!!! June will be much cooler but we still had a great time. We had a few injuries but nothing to call the undertaker about which is always a bonus. We had a few huts built, then the guys blew them up with RPGs, Shot heaps of machine guns and saw plenty of random stuff on the dirt bike jungle trip that just makes you shake your head in disbelief. One event was when I went to show the guys a storage hunt at one of the temples that is full of RPGs, hand grenades, ammo and other ordinance. When I walked over to have a look a saw a small child peeping out from a crack in the wall only to discover that the child and her mother had moved into the hunt and place a hammock and all there belongings on the shelves. The random thing was that they hadn’t moved any of the hundreds of explosives and just simple move in on top of everything. That’s Cambodia for you.

I have added a few videos from one of the previous trips. Marchy is always good value and he will be coming on the June trip and knowing how much he loves guns, dirt bikes, adventure and Cambodia,i’m pretty sure he will also come in November. We already have 7 people booked in for the June trip and we also have a film crew tagging along to do a doco on myself and the trip. The film crew is from the Vice Media group so if your keen to get your mug on some hit youtube videos june would be prefect for you. We still have a few vacancies but get in quick, its not far away.

Cambodia is quickly changing and becoming more and more ” civilised” so im not sure how much longer we will be doing the trips. This could well be our last year. The ammo is running out and getting harder and harder to find. The price also seems to be going up so get in while its still there.

Anyway, keep smiling, keep shooting and stay positive……….nothing is as bad as it seems.