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Shooting & Hunting in Canada

Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Gidday gun enthusiasts

I’m in Canada at the moment having a well deserved holiday. I have a few shoots to go to including a charity shoot in NB. I also have to pick up my bear skin from last years hunt and will be taking part in a marriage of a good hunting mate of mineto his young Canadian wife to be. The wedding is taking place in a hunting Camp in the remote and wild BC mountains. Whilst there I’ll also be doing a bit on hunting & fishing. I have been really looking forward to  this trip for some time.

The Shooters & Fishers Party have been promoting themselves for the next state election in March next year. This is a great opportunity to get them not one but two seats this time around. The major parties have been caught out time & time again this year with lies and corruption and we really need to be out there helping the SFP in every way we can to show the majors they need to wake up to themselves. Its great to give the SFP our vote but we need to do so much more this time around as the anti gun mantra is wearing thin with more and more people and the ongoing discrimination against law abiding gun owners really needs to be dealt with. The SFP is our best way to achieve this. Make sure you contact them and sign up to help.

In October I will be going on another ” I LIKE GUNS” tour of Cambodia. this trip is not for the faint heart but anyone with a keen sense of adventure and a love of guns and a great time is more than welcome to come along. I usually like to take 8 to 10 blokes along and we already have 6 confirmed. So if your interested, let me know soon. I will be locking the trip together in the next 4 weeks so don’t delay. Above is a recent video from the last tour and there several more on my you tube channel .

I will also be performing with the band at the ASHOE event in Tamworth on the 9th & 10 August. This is going to be a great event so put it in your calendar’s. Come up and say gidday.

Keep shooting & stay safe