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So the ABC watches my videos

Friday, April 19th, 2013

Hey Gun lovers

Lots been going on lately. I have had a busy couple of months eradicating Pigs and foxes in outback NSW.

I have put a few video up on you tube and people seem to like them. The music is still going well and I will be taking another team to Cambodia shortly for another ILG tour. If your keen to come on the next one, it will be in  October/November. the dates should be out in a month or so.

I did a few videos of an interview I had with The Hon. Robert Borsak from the Shooters & Fishers Party and he a lot of good things to say. The ABC decided because of his extreme views, that the Shooting in National Parks Bill should be repealed……..Yeah I don’t get the relevance either, I guess they’re just grabbing at straws to try and stop the bill.

Anyway, there are a few links below if you haven’t seen the interview yet and they are quit interesting. Its great to see the American Gun lobby is having some great wins but that wont stop the anti gun movement from trying to get their way. Keep up the fight guys, we need you to win as well.

Catch you later