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Living with the Enemy

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Gidday fellow lovers of the great outdoors

For the last few months I have been waiting to exhale. The reason being, I had no idea how I would be portrayed on the TV show, “Living with the Enemy”, but last night it was all revealed. To be completely honest I didn’t know I was such a funny guy, both funny haha and a bit weird funny as well. I have watched many videos of myself on my YouTube channel but I edit them and portray myself as I think I should be seen. I realized I have been missing the good stuff because I didn’t really know I was “that guy”.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the final cut and with the overwhelming encouragement & gratitude of my family, friends, the public and the hunting/Gun community regarding the show.  I would really like to thank the producers of the show – Tim Toni & Carly Schmidt for finding me and asking me to be a part of the show. They were true to their word. Also thanks to Robert Borsak for trusting me and taking the risk, as more times than not, the media have a habit of telling the story as they want it told not as the story really is. I also thank the team and director, Dora Wheatly, Shine Australia, and SBS for putting it together and showing the public that the truth can be told. Last but not least, I want to thank Felicity and the Animal Lib Vic team, as without them putting their lettuce on the line, this story could not have been told. I feel a bit sorry for Felicity and team as I now feel even stronger that they are living a wasted life of overwhelming sadness and guilt for a world they feel compelled to change. If they all served God with such conviction, minus the judgement, at least they would gain eternal life and true happiness and ……………… iron in their diets.

So, to sum up, I really enjoyed the experience and was very happy with the outcome. Thanks again to all those who supported me during this event.

Shoot Straight, Shoot Safe, Shoot often

Steve Lee

Press link to view show

Living With The Enemy – Hunting

Living with the Enemy- SBS

Monday, October 6th, 2014


About six months ago I was asked to participate in a social experiment which would be filmed for SBS. The concept is that I would live for 5 days in the world of someone opposed to hunting and then for 5 days they would come and live with me. I agreed to take part and to say the least, it was very challenging and interesting. I didn’t know who i would meet or what I would be doing but I had a fair idea it would be someone who opposed hunting as much as I believed in it. Anyway, if you want to see the out come, tune into SBS Wednesday night , 8th October at 8.30pm. If its past that date, you can watch it by pressing the link or google the show.

This link is from a newspaper story about the show.

I’m heading to Cambodia soon for the next “I Like Guns” Tour of Cambodia. There will be 9 from Australia plus the Cambodian team. I will be making a few new videos for YouTube and I am really looking forward to the trip. I have added a new stop and shooting range this year as we will stopping off in Vietnam on the way over and checking out the Cu Che tunnels range. I have been there before a few times but not in the last five years so I’m sure there will be some changes.

Life is on the up and up, I’m planning on doing a new album next year. I am trying to talk my old Family Band “The Lees” into writing the songs and making the album with me. Here’s hoping.

Stay safe and shoot straight