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Cambodia Trip a Total Blast, Taking Bookings Now for the October Trip

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Gidday Gun supporters

Well the last “I LIKE GUNS” Cambodia tour was a real blast, literally! We decided to buy several LGP(Propane) bottles and blow them up with the B40 RPG. It really worked well. Next trip have decided to buy a car as well and put the LPG bottles inside it.
We also had a great trip to a few new destinations via dirt bike jungle tracks and we came across a few interesting characters and had a really great time. The team that came were all cool to hang with as usual, I mean how can they not be cool, they love guns and adventure, what’s not to like!

Anyway, we are now taking bookings for the next tour so feel free to inquire, the cost is $4500 which includes, flights from Australia, accommodation, food, bike bikes etc pretty well everything else except ammo, hand grenades, and RPGs. All you need to bring is a fun attitude, your balls and great sense of humour.

Below are a few videos of the last trip. Hope you enjoy them but most of all I hope you can find the time and cash to come along on the next trip.

Keep shooting