Your invite to the Cambodia Gun & Dirtbike Tour OCT/NOV 2015

Gidday lovers of all this Gun

I just decided to put a post on the web site and realised its been nearly a year since I last wrote something. I have been quite busy this year with a few different things, one being fighting the Firearms Registry for my licences and guns back. This is a very slow process and has now been going on for more than 2 years, one of the joys of living in a country that fears anybody (except the government) that has firearms. Anyway, I have had a few wins over the past couple of years with all the so called charges against me being dismissed in court. Even though I beat the charges in court I still have to fight the Registry to get my licences back, its painful but I am learning a lot about gun law and the Australian court system.

Anyway, the point for the post is that the “i Like guns’ tour of Cambodia is coming up again and you are all invited. Its been quite successful over the years and its great to be going again. I will put the flyer up for you to have a read and hopefully you can find the time and cash to join the crew. Its always a trip full of adventure, guns , good mates and great times.

Keep shooting