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Working on my new album

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Greetings gun lovers

I have finally started recording my new album at Bill Chambers studio on the Central Coast of Oz. I think it is sounding really good and I am happy with the songs. I have written or co-written 9 of the 12 songs and i think my fans will be as happy as I am with the songs. There are few songs that are a bit more aggresive then the last album but I think they needed to be wriiten that way as to get the spirit of the point across, anyway i will let the fans decide when it comes out. I should have it released by sept/oct.

Thanks again to all the people supporting my music. The DVD , “The Making Of I Like Guns” has had a lot of success as well so thanks to all who have or are purchasing a copy.

Catch you later