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Where to get Steve Lee “I Like Guns”!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Hey guys,

Alot of people have been asking about where they can buy MP3′s of the album.

Just search Steve Lee in your iTunes store and you can download any particular song or the whole album!

Also, for our American friends, if you don’t have paypal and can’t buy the album off of this website, you can buy it on CD Baby at the following address:

Australians – don’t forget to go and talk to your local gun distributor and ask them to stock the album, if they aren’t already! It’s available through NIOA…

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who has watched the “I Like Guns” video and helped us in reaching over 34,000 views in the last week!

More news soon,


PS. I’m on facebook & twiiter for anyone who is interested..

I Like Guns Filmclip finished!

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Hey there gun lovers,

Well the first filmclip off of my CD is finally finished thanks to the diligent work of Scott Richardson from Vision TV. He painstakingly put this clip together after several trips to my paintball field and an adventure packed trip to Cambodia.

 Check it out and leave me a message!

Hope you like it.