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Steve Lee - Everybody Likes Guns

Everybody Likes Guns is the explosive follow-up to Steve Lee’s wildly popular I Like Guns. How popular? The title track has had over 4 million views with 3000 more everyday.


Everybody Likes Guns is fully loaded with original gun-related songs about the many aspects of firearms. The first track ‘Who Gave You The Right’ is a fast paced protest about the struggles of gun ownership both in Australia and worldwide caused by the anti-gun movement. Likewise, ‘Lucky Country’ is a dig at the many freedoms being lost in Australia due to political correctness and the “nanny state” attitudes.

Steve also re-wrote the classic song ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’ to become the hilarious tongue-twister, ‘I’ve Shot Every Gun’ which mentions all of the firearms Steve has fired since his career took off. Other great covers include Tom Petty’s, ‘Won’t Back Down’ and the moving Fred Eaglesmith ballad, ‘Pistols and Rifles’.

Co-writing with Steve on ‘Hunting Fool’ and ‘Gonna Buy Me A Gun’ is legendary Australian singer-songwriter Bill Chambers, who also produced, sang and played on the album. Fans of Steve would know that Bill produced and featured on Steve’s first album too.

The title track, ‘Everybody Likes Guns’ is one of the strongest songs on the album. Steve declares that “everybody likes guns – they just don’t know it!”. This is a fun and upbeat look at the attitude of gun ownership the world over.

The widely acclaimed follow up album to I Like Guns is a sharp-shooting collection of songs that gives you an insight into the frantic fast-paced world of Australia’s most passionate gun lover. If you enjoyed I Like Guns, you are going to love Everybody likes Guns!

Track Listing

1. Who Gave You The Right
2. Pistols And Rifles
3. Everybody Likes Guns
4. I’ve Shot Every Gun
5. I Cannot Shoot A Gun
6. Gonna Buy Me A Gun
7. Lucky Country
8. I Won’t Back Down
9. Huntin’ Fool
10. Life Is Good (Hickok 45 Song)
11. A Trigger To Pull
12. There’s A Gun In The Kitchen