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Back from US trip,” The Making of I Like Guns” now available

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Had a great trip to the US. Had an amazing weekend at the Knob Creek machine gun shoot in Kentucky, everybody really needs to exerience that at least 5 times in there life. Really enjoyed the white tail deer hunt at WALKER HOLLOW WHITE TAILS in Ohio. The whole event was filmed for Kevin Hoyt’s ” The Future Of Hunting. I shot a nice deer but was shown up by a great young hunter, Lindsay Finney and her dad Scott. Lindsay trophy was 157 class and mine a close 152 class.
Also visited the new section of the NRA museum in Washington….now that is a must see!!!!

Finally got “The Making Of I LIKE GUNS” DVD finnished and avalible. If you want to see the whole story, its worth a watch. I also put the “I’ll give up my gun” on the DVD as a Bonus.

Keep safe and shoot straight.