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New Video “Time to get a Gun” New Album nearly complete

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Greeting Gun Lovers!

Well I have put up another Video from the “I LIKE GUNS” album. The song is, “Time to get a Gun” and the clip was a lot of fun to make and of coarse the message is not to be taken seriously. Sadly a few people have not seen the humourous side of the clip and think it portrays the wrong message, for all those people, chill out and get a sense of humour!!!

I had the honour recently of being asked to be the best man for my sons wedding and as you know one of the responsibilities of this is to organize the bucks party, well I decided that we should have a great day of shooting so we shot and blew up his car and made the video. What did he expect, strippers and booze… I think not!!!!

Anyway we had a great time making the video and although the original message of the song isn’t exactly the message of the video, I thought it was a nice twist. I have also just about finished my new CD “Everybody Like Guns” which should be out by October. There is 12 cool new gun songs. Bill Chambers has been writing, recording, playing on and producing the album for me and as usual it’s sounding great.

Talk later, Stay safe and shoot straight.