Living with the Enemy- SBS


About six months ago I was asked to participate in a social experiment which would be filmed for SBS. The concept is that I would live for 5 days in the world of someone opposed to hunting and then for 5 days they would come and live with me. I agreed to take part and to say the least, it was very challenging and interesting. I didn’t know who i would meet or what I would be doing but I had a fair idea it would be someone who opposed hunting as much as I believed in it. Anyway, if you want to see the out come, tune into SBS Wednesday night , 8th October at 8.30pm. If its past that date, you can watch it by pressing the link or google the show.

This link is from a newspaper story about the show.

I’m heading to Cambodia soon for the next “I Like Guns” Tour of Cambodia. There will be 9 from Australia plus the Cambodian team. I will be making a few new videos for YouTube and I am really looking forward to the trip. I have added a new stop and shooting range this year as we will stopping off in Vietnam on the way over and checking out the Cu Che tunnels range. I have been there before a few times but not in the last five years so I’m sure there will be some changes.

Life is on the up and up, I’m planning on doing a new album next year. I am trying to talk my old Family Band “The Lees” into writing the songs and making the album with me. Here’s hoping.

Stay safe and shoot straight