June 15, 2013

Cambodia Trip a Total Blast, Taking Bookings Now for the October Trip

Gidday Gun supporters

Well the last “I LIKE GUNS” Cambodia tour was a real blast, literally! We decided to buy several LGP(Propane) bottles and blow them up with the B40 RPG. It really worked well. Next trip have decided to buy a car as well and put the LPG bottles inside it.
We also had a great trip to a few new destinations via dirt bike jungle tracks and we came across a few interesting characters and had a really great time. The team that came were all cool to hang with as usual, I mean how can they not be cool, they love guns and adventure, what’s not to like!

Anyway, we are now taking bookings for the next tour so feel free to inquire, the cost is $4500 which includes, flights from Australia, accommodation, food, bike bikes etc pretty well everything else except ammo, hand grenades, and RPGs. All you need to bring is a fun attitude, your balls and great sense of humour.

Below are a few videos of the last trip. Hope you enjoy them but most of all I hope you can find the time and cash to come along on the next trip.

Keep shooting


April 19, 2013

So the ABC watches my videos

Hey Gun lovers

Lots been going on lately. I have had a busy couple of months eradicating Pigs and foxes in outback NSW.

I have put a few video up on you tube and people seem to like them. The music is still going well and I will be taking another team to Cambodia shortly for another ILG tour. If your keen to come on the next one, it will be in  October/November. the dates should be out in a month or so.

I did a few videos of an interview I had with The Hon. Robert Borsak from the Shooters & Fishers Party and he a lot of good things to say. The ABC decided because of his extreme views, that the Shooting in National Parks Bill should be repealed……..Yeah I don’t get the relevance either, I guess they’re just grabbing at straws to try and stop the bill.

Anyway, there are a few links below if you haven’t seen the interview yet and they are quit interesting. Its great to see the American Gun lobby is having some great wins but that wont stop the anti gun movement from trying to get their way. Keep up the fight guys, we need you to win as well.

Catch you later


March 4, 2013

Heading to Cambodia on May 6th…would you like to come along?

Yep, thats right, on the 6th of may Im heading to Cambodia for another I Like Guns Tour and your welcome to come along. The first video below will give you all the details you need. We will be following the original path of the ILG video clip which includes 2 shooting ranges where you will be able to fire a huge range of full auto rifles and machine guns plus RPG, M79 and the trusty old Russian hand grenade. Some of the highlights of the trip are below in the other video. We also did a series of the last trip of some of the highlights  of what you can expect from the trip. these can be viewed on this link


We will also be dirt bike riding through some very remote parts of Cambodia, riding through jungles, small villages and cool destinations not seen by the general visitor of this raw country.

Hope you can make it along, its gonna be a blast……literally!

Steve Lee

February 13, 2013

Been busy hunting and shooting

Hey Guys
Thanks for droping by the site. I have been quite busy of late with the summer months because the numbers of feral pigs is possibly the highest it has been is 10 years. I have been seeing them in places they have never been before. I got back from a pest control trip a few weeks back and I broke my record of shooting 74 pigs in under 24 hours.

Anyway I filmed 2 videos on how I shot these pest animals and also put up a video on the actual hunt( if you could call it that). hope you enjoy the videos and learn a bit about pest eradication.

Thanks for watching and thanks for your support
Steve Lee

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Pig Shooting from a Dirt Bike part 1
Pig Shooting from a Dirt Bike Part 2

November 6, 2012

Memorable ” I LIKE GUNS” tour of Cambodia

Hey there gun enthusiasts’

Just got back from the tour of Cambodia with the other 10 guys who liked the idea and came along. We will be doing 2 trips next year if you would like to join us. One in May and one in Oct/Nov . I am uploading all the journeys highlights one video at a time on my youtube channel and if your interested in coming on the next trip, what the videos and you’ll know exactly whet your in for. Each trip wont be exactly the same as there are still a few remote places left in Cambodia but to many for one trip. The new shooting ranges are quit good as well.

Thanks to all those people who are here to support me by buying my music and products, i really do appreciate your time and cashish, with out you its harder to continue with what i do.

Below is day 3 of the trip…..The shooting Range…. I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.


October 21, 2012

“Who Gave You The Right?” Video release

Hey there gun lovers

Im in Cambodia as I write this on the first ” Steve Lee I Like Guns Tour ” and we are having a great time. I have 10 other guys with me and we are having a blast shooting guns and riding around remote parts of Cambodia seeing and experiencing the great sites this raw country has to offer. As soon as I get back to Oz I will be planning the next trip back.

I also release one of my favorite songs off the ” Everybody Likes Guns” album which is a song about the battle for gun rights. It really is how i feel about what is going on in Austrlia and many parts of the world.

Anyway, be sure to check out the video, i’m sure you will love it
Catch you later

September 13, 2012

Back from my Northern Territory Hunt

Hey There, thanks for dropping by my site.

I have just got back from my second trip to the NT in the pasted few months. I uploaded a few videos from the trip and they are linked below. The NT holds some of the best hunting country in Australia and if you get the chance to get up there, just do it. I hunted Pigs, wild dogs and Buffalo. I also did quit a lot of cull hunting to help with the major problem of feral animals. The cull hunts do teach you to be a better hunter and I really got to know my firearm like never before.

Next month i head of to Cambodia with 7 clients 2 film crew and the travel agent for my first official ” I like guns tour” I expect it to be an amazing time and a heap of fun. We will touring some remote areas on dirt bikes and going to a few shooting rangers to fire some great guns not avalible here in OZ. We should get the videos of the trip up not long after the trip.

Anyway, check out the new videos

Steve Lee

July 27, 2012

Do you want to come to Cambodia???

Calling all adventure seachers….You are invited to a cool trip to Cambodia.

In october 2012, Myself, a small film crew, a tour operator and 6 other adventerous gun lovers will be going on a trip to Cambodia to follow the original route I took to make the ” I LIKE GUNS ” video. The attached Video has all the info you will need to become part of the amazing trip.

Hope you can make it, its gonna be a blast!!


June 3, 2012

Heading to Canada for a guest TV spot and a few gigs

Hey Freedom fighters

Yep i will be in Canada from the 10th of June. I will be doing a few shows and will be going hunting on the TV show ” The future Of Hunting”. Kevin Hoyt put it all together and I am really looking forward to the break. The new album is going well and I will also be going to Cambodia in October for a trip organised by a QLD tour company called the ” I LIKE GUNS TOUR”. the tour will be going on the path of the original ILG film clip and I will be the celebrity guest and yes YOU can book one of the seats. Its going to be a great trip.I will keep you informed as the advertising will start when i get back from Canada.
I also put up a video for my birthday a while back and have linked it below.

Keep shootin and stay happy

April 17, 2012

I’ve shot every gun, not really but Im working on it

Gidday Gun Lovers
well if you haven’t seen it yet you may want to go an have a look at my new music video. It was a lot of fun to make and hopefully it is a lot of fun to watch. The clip consist of some of the many guns i have fired in the last few years. Since it all began 2 1/2 years ago with the recording of my Cd and then took off with the release of my music video ‘I Like Guns” my music has taken me to many places in the world. It has been a great adventure and its still going. I just got back 2 days ago from a 6 day red deer hunt in QLD and in 8 weeks I’ll be off to Canada for a few gigs and a few hunts. During this time I have had countless oppertunities to shoot so many different guns and this new video mentions shows some of them. The song ” I’ve shot every gun ‘ is an obvious steal from Geoff Macks ” i’ve been everywhere’ and so when I recorded the new album i rewrote the song to include only the guns i new I had fired.
Anyway, I really hope you like it

Keep shootin and stay happy