Hey there gun enthusiast

Yes the new CD is finally out!!!! I am happy about that as it has taken forever. There ae 12 great new guns songs that I’m sure you will enjoy. I think this album has a lot stronger songs than the last - not that ILG isn’t any good, this CD is just better! I have also been filming new videos for the album and will get them up as soon as they’re finished. The trip to the USA was great and I loved shooting at the Knob Creek shoot, all the gun guys there were so friendly and helpful in the making of one of my videos, I literally had a BLAST!!!

For those fans not in Australia, I suggest buying the CD from as it is cheaper and quicker to post. if you want T-shirts as well I can just send them as a bulk lot which is still pretty cheap, I have got the postage prices down and now cover a bit of the cost myself. Theres is also a great deal going on for the 2 gun CDs and the DVD as a package, only $50 with cheap postage.

My CD launch and live show is on Friday 25th November at the Black town RSL club. Starts at 7.30pm, hope to see you there.

Keep shooting, smiling and living life to the full,