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Steve Lee - I Like Guns

The controversial new album from Steve Lee, all about his love of guns.


Track Listing
1. I Like Guns
2. The Shoot Out
3. Time To Get a Gun
4. Pistol In My Hand
5. Devil’s Right Hand
6. Gun Shy Dog
7. Rock Salt and Nails
8. I’ll Give Up My Gun
9. Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde
10. Don’t Take Your Guns To Town
11. 7 Shells
12. She Don’t Like Guns

Produced by Bill Chambers
Recorded & Mixed at Bill Chambers Music Studio
Mastered by Music Cellar
Photography by Raechel & Jarod Lee
Design by Glen Hannah at Goonga Design
Musicians: Steve Lee, Bill Chambers, BJ Barker, Mick Albeck, Wayne Pendleton, Raechel & Faith Lee
Steve Lee uses Fender Guitars cause they’re the best.