The Making of I Like Guns Trailer on YouTube!

Hey everybody, new and old!

I have released a new video on YouTube! It isn’t a filmclip, it is the trailer for the doco I’ll be releasing in March: “The Making of I Like Guns”. The YouTube video will tell you all about it and can be found at the following address:

One of the reasons we did the doco was because alot of people wanted to own a copy of the I Like Guns clip on DVD, and people also wanted to know how, where and why the video was made. This video tells you all about it.

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I wanna thank everyone for their support – especially the people who have beem buying my CD and T-Shirts lately. I’m in the process of making a new music video for the next single “I’ll give up my gun” from my album I Like Guns. Hopefully that’ll be out before the end of March.

Hope you all like it and keep shootin’,