February 20, 2012

New Music Videos soon

Hey there gun lovers

The new album is really taking off. I am still working on a few new music video’s but have been held up waiting for approvals for one of the songs to be put up on you tube, hopefully soon. In the meantime, I have put up a 3 part series on a pig hunt I did a few weeks back.

The gun laws have been making news again in NSW as the Govt wants to restrict the sale of ammo and make all dealers record ammo sales. The Shooters and Fishers Party is doing all they can but the Greens have backed the Govt. and once again have brought more pressure on law abiding firearms owners. Losers!!!

Anyway, here’s a link to the 1st hunting video and the other 2 should be linked next to the first.

Keep shooting and Keep smiling


February 1, 2012

Very First Vlog on You tube

Howdy Partner

Well I have finally found the time to do my very first Vlog on you tube…… it only took me two years to get around to it. I intend on putting a few up through out the coming year to see if people are actually interested in what I do and have to say, only time will tell. The Link is below so check it out.

The Anti Gun/Freedom movement ( The Greens Party ) have been up to there usual rubbish again making false claims about illegal guns coming from legal gun owners and have said they will put forward a bill into parliment to restrict the ownership of more than 3 firearms per gun owner. I rang the leader of the Shooters and Fishers Party, Robert Borsak, and he assured me it had very little chance of becoming law as very few other politicians would support such a bill.  Thing is you can never let your guard down with these losers.

Anyway, things are looking up for the Gun industry in Australia as we have now bought more guns back into the country than the Howard Government took away in 1996.

The new album is going well and the I Like Guns album is still not slowing down. Thanks to all who support me and the gun movement here in Australia.

Its a great day to be alive!!!!!


December 20, 2011

2 New Videos Up On You Tube

Tis the season to be jolly

Well its that time of year again, busy, busy, busy. I thought Christmas was suppose to be a relaxing time.I have managed to find the time to get 2 videos out and an still working on 2 more for early 2012. The new album is going well and also the “i like guns ” album is still ticking along just fine. I have a lot planned for 2012, I intend on doing more youtube videos, not just on music but also on shooting, hunting, travelling and of coarse Guns. Its just finding the time that is the killer.

Anyway, hope youy enjoy the videos and have a great Christmas and New year. I’ll be heading out shooting soon and will also be a bit of pig eradication early January, its a tough job but someones gotta do it!!


November 17, 2011


Hey there gun enthusiast

Yes the new CD is finally out!!!! I am happy about that as it has taken forever. There ae 12 great new guns songs that I’m sure you will enjoy. I think this album has a lot stronger songs than the last - not that ILG isn’t any good, this CD is just better! I have also been filming new videos for the album and will get them up as soon as they’re finished. The trip to the USA was great and I loved shooting at the Knob Creek shoot, all the gun guys there were so friendly and helpful in the making of one of my videos, I literally had a BLAST!!!

For those fans not in Australia, I suggest buying the CD from http://cdbaby.com/cd/stevelee12 as it is cheaper and quicker to post. if you want T-shirts as well I can just send them as a bulk lot which is still pretty cheap, I have got the postage prices down and now cover a bit of the cost myself. Theres is also a great deal going on for the 2 gun CDs and the DVD as a package, only $50 with cheap postage.

My CD launch and live show is on Friday 25th November at the Black town RSL club. Starts at 7.30pm, hope to see you there.

Keep shooting, smiling and living life to the full,


November 1, 2011

New Video’s and New Album Release and Show

Hey Guys

Im still in the States at the moment but have finished filming 4 new videos off the new Album. One at Hickok 45′s compond in Nashville, one at Knob creek Machine gun shoot in Kentucky, one at the NRA HQ in Washington and one at a good friends house in Pennsylvania. I haven’t seen the finished result yet but they all should be different and cool. I will also be doing a Album release show with my family band backing me at the Blacktown RSL Club on the Friday 25th November at around 7.30ish. The room only holds 200 people so get in early. The gig is free and there will be albums avalible on the night . It is being organised by the Karl Houseman from the ‘Australian Hunting network ‘so check there site for details.Below is the letter sent out.

Hope to see you there


Fellow shooters
You’re invited to the launch of Steve Lee’s new album “Everybody Likes Guns”
Entry is free and is proudly hosted by Australian Hunting Net.

25th November 2011
Blacktown RSL club
Alan Peachey room.

This will be a great night of music and fun, come along and bring the family
.Seats are limited so please RSVP with number of attendees to Karl from
Australian Hunting Net hunter@australianhunting.net by the 20th November to
secure your place.
See You there!

October 9, 2011

Heading to the USA

Hey there Gun lovers
I’ll be in the grand ole USA for most of October. I’ll be in Nashville on the 12th playing at the douglas corner cafe.
http://www.douglascorner.com/ . The following day I will be filming a new music video at Hickok45′s compound, which is gonna be great, then over the weekend I’ll be at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot to film another music video and do a gig on the saturday night. Tracey will be on bass, Jarod on Drums and Brett Griffiths from the band POKERFACE, will be playing lead guitar for me, Its gonna be a RIPPER!!!! After that, Im off to Washington to do another music video at the NRA HQ. Hope to meet up with some of you along the track.
All in all, Im think Im gonna have a great time in the States, by the time I get back
, early November, I will have my offical release of my new album ‘ Everybody Likes Guns’. I will also have some music videos to get it out there.

keep shooting and keep smiling

September 21, 2011

Last Video from the ‘I LIKE GUNS’ Album ‘The Shootout’

Well I have finally released the Video for ‘The Shootout’ song. I intended on filming it about 2 months after I filmed I Like Guns but just never got around to it. Its a pretty fun clip with my worker/driver/nephew/good mate Beggsy doing a great role as the Mexican and the victims in the video. Hope you enjoy it.

The new CD is being printed tomorrow so it should be available in the next few weeks. I’ll be going on holidays to Bali on Sunday and will be heading to the grand ole USA on the 10th of October. Maybe while I’m in the states I may even bump into YOU!!

Anyway, enjoy the video and stay safe

August 16, 2011

New Video “Time to get a Gun” New Album nearly complete

Greeting Gun Lovers!

Well I have put up another Video from the “I LIKE GUNS” album. The song is, “Time to get a Gun” and the clip was a lot of fun to make and of coarse the message is not to be taken seriously. Sadly a few people have not seen the humourous side of the clip and think it portrays the wrong message, for all those people, chill out and get a sense of humour!!!

I had the honour recently of being asked to be the best man for my sons wedding and as you know one of the responsibilities of this is to organize the bucks party, well I decided that we should have a great day of shooting so we shot and blew up his car and made the video. What did he expect, strippers and booze… I think not!!!!

Anyway we had a great time making the video and although the original message of the song isn’t exactly the message of the video, I thought it was a nice twist. I have also just about finished my new CD “Everybody Like Guns” which should be out by October. There is 12 cool new gun songs. Bill Chambers has been writing, recording, playing on and producing the album for me and as usual it’s sounding great.

Talk later, Stay safe and shoot straight.


June 21, 2011

Working on my new album

Greetings gun lovers

I have finally started recording my new album at Bill Chambers studio on the Central Coast of Oz. I think it is sounding really good and I am happy with the songs. I have written or co-written 9 of the 12 songs and i think my fans will be as happy as I am with the songs. There are few songs that are a bit more aggresive then the last album but I think they needed to be wriiten that way as to get the spirit of the point across, anyway i will let the fans decide when it comes out. I should have it released by sept/oct.

Thanks again to all the people supporting my music. The DVD , “The Making Of I Like Guns” has had a lot of success as well so thanks to all who have or are purchasing a copy.

Catch you later


April 11, 2011

The Shooters and Fishers Party hold balance of power in NSW parliament

Hey Gun lovers, great news,

 The Shooters and Fishers party not only held onto their 2 seats in the NSW state parliament, but now they hold the balance of power under what Americans call a Republican government (liberal). Thanks to all who voted the SFP in!! With this extra power, they intend to get more of their policies past through. These include:

 National Parks being open for hunting of all feral animals including deer, pigs, goats, foxes, wild dogs and cats.

Kangaroos hunted on private land will be able to be utilised when hunted under permits and the skin and meat can be kept rather than left to rot under the current system. These permits will be available to any licenced hunter.

They will put forward to change catergory C firearms licence to be included in B licence and Expand the use of high caliber pistols.

Shooting age reduced from 12 to 10 years of age.

Permits to acquire to be available on demand, not the 3 - 4 week wait.

Paintball age reduced from 16 to 12 years.

Shop good fireworks to be available in regional areas.

There are also many other changes in the firearms laws they will be working on. Things are turning around!!!!!!

I am at the moment working on my new album with Bill Chambers. Hopefully it will be released in July/August. And yes, it is another gun album.

Keep shooting and stay safe,