Back from the Wild Deer expo…

Greetings Gun Lovers

I’ve been real busy for the last few weeks and haven’t had time to scratch myself but finally I found time to update my rant. Thanks to all who have supported me financially by buying the CD and the new T-shirts. They have been a long time coming so thanks for your patience.

I just got back from the Wild Deer Expo at Rutherglen in Victoria. The support there was great and I got to meet and talk with alot of cool people from the Australian and overseas Gun industry. One of the highlights for me was meeting Roy Smith and Robert Brown from The Shooters Party, who are NSW’s, and in part Australia’s representitives in parliment. They where very supportive and encouraging and I learnt alot from them.

After the interview on ACA a few weeks ago, I began to see blogs and comments that I was anti gun and supported Australia’s gun laws. This was said in response to the comment I made that the government had done a good thing bringing in the gun laws as it made it harder for people who shouldn’t have guns getting their hands on them. I still agree that some of those laws did that eg. Safe storage of firearms, and licencing of shooters. These laws made it harder for criminals to steal firearms as the registered firearms are now under lock and key and the unregistered firearms are hidden in a safe place. It also made it harder for small children and the mentally unstable to obtain guns. These laws were all I was agreeing to. Most of the other laws are unneccesary and unreasonable. The thing that bothered me the most was that the rumours and criticism didn’t come from anti gunners but from people who are fighting for their rights, the same as me. I didn’t see that coming. So, to clear it up, I don’t support the unfair and unreasonable gun laws we have here in Oz. I only wish our forefathers had the foresight to have given us a bill of rights and the second amendment, then we may have had a leg to stand on, sadly they didn’t.  

On another note, I will be releasing a doco on “THE MAKING OF I LIKE GUNS” in the next 3 to 4 weeks. I’m also working on a new music clip, should be soon. Time, or the lack of it is a big factor at the moment as my daughter Raechel is getting married in March. Lots to do. I am planning on being in the states in April and that is taking up time too. I nearly don’t enough time to go out hunting but I’m heading out this arvo. At least I have my priorities right.

Gotta go. Keep On Shootin! & stay safe,